Stonemasonry for Beginners


Stonemasonry, which is also typically known as stonecraft, has been around for many, many years. Some of the World’s most famous buildings have incredible stonework, such as cathedrals, as well as buildings, sculptures, and structures. Even many famous monuments are built using stonemasonry.

Stonemasonry has been around for so long that we even have a lot of remnants, even in New England. With the many homes in the area, we often see outlines of walls made out of stone. Technically, this is stonemasonry work. While it is older and outdated, it still used the same techniques as we do in the modern day.

Similarly, in medieval times, stonemasons were one of the highest professions you could have. As a result of this, you had to be an apprentice, and you had to do so for seven years. In the modern era, while you still do have to do an apprenticeship, it is only for about three years.

What Are Some Stonemasonry Occupations?

  • Quarrymen: A quarryman is the beginning of the process. Working in the quarries, these men split the rock and shape it into the blocks. This is quite hard labor and can take quite the toll on the human body.
  • Sawyers: The sawyers are the people who cut the massive block down a bit in order to sell to the bunker masons.
  • Bunker Masons: These people are a part of the stonemasonry food chain in that they work the stones into shape so that they are no longer jagged pieces anymore.
  • Carvers: The people, name carvers, are the more artistic of the bunch. What they do is carve the shapen pieces of stone so that they are of the right shape for the project. This can range from flowers to animal shapes to other wildlife and beyond.
  • Fixer Masons: Fixer Masons fix the sculpted stones onto buildings. An example of this would be the angels and even potential famous people that appear on cathedrals all over the world. Similarly, in Prague, they have the most amount of sculptures on buildings, meaning stonemasonry & fixer mason work must have been popular there.
  • Memorial Masons: These masons are the ones that engrave items, and do gravestone work.

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