Custom Outdoor Concepts

Georgetown, MA

Fieldstone Supplies provides a plethora of services in Georgetown, Massachusetts.  In this area, in particular, our work is truly sought out. We have lots of experience that is allotted to our stunning craftsmanship. With over 8000 people living in this area, and about 3000 households, we truly have an amazing opportunity to show off our brand, as well as the work we do to support that. Our highly qualified team really contributes to this. They have the skill to do installation work, as well as 3D capabilities and stonemasonry talents.

Stonemasonry in Georgetown, MA

For our stonemasonry projects, we use the most high-quality materials that fit the needs of our clients.  Any of our stonemasonry projects can really boost up the curb appeal, and alongside this, the value of your home can increase tremendously. While home value is important, it can also really push for more time spent outside with family and friends relaxing. Our materials are durable and require the smallest amount of maintenance. We typically install retaining walls, waterfalls, and outdoor fireplaces, but are open to trying any kind of new project, so please contact us today if you are living in the Georgetown, MA, area!

This beautiful town in Essex County has 2000 families. This lets us know that most of the people living in the area are part of the family, which is a perfect opportunity, because, at Fieldstone Supplies, we provide gorgeous, family-friendly backyards in the Georgetown area. Learn more about some of our past work to learn more.

Our Team

Our team brings an immense amount of experience to Georgetown, MA, as well as towns around this area. For decades, we have been imagining and implementing amazing stonemasonry work, and also providing other projects. We, at Fieldstone Supplies, put our clients first, at all times. Because of this, we have succeeded in providing top results in Northern Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

If you live in Georgetown, MA, or the surrounding area, and want to schedule a free consultation or get a job quote, reach us directly by filling out our online contact form or calling (603) 234-3229.