How to Keep a Stone Wall in Pristine Condition

stone wall

Stone walls are incredible, in that they can last well over 100 years. They used to be used as boundaries, especially for farmers, who had a lot of land. This land had a lot of ambiguity if it was not lined with something such as a stone wall. Nowadays, people tend to use stone walls as an aesthetic feature in a home, where they act as a beauty enhancer, as well as an additional element that lends its curb appeal to a home. The masonry involved with a project such as this can be complicated, because they are built to last many decades, but with the right help, as well as the correct maintenance, these can last a very long time. Here are some ways to keep that stone wall looking great for a long time.

  • Replace Stone: If there is a stone missing, or one that has fallen out of place it is important to replace this stone. While it will not have any immediate effects, this is important for long term reasons. These reasons being that the structure can collapse over time, or if it is a wall, it can fall. Avoiding this will help keep the integrity of the structure intact.
  • Keep them Clean: It is important to ensure that you keep your stone wall clean for it to continue looking great. If there is any growth on the stones, cleaning them is essential and will stop this growth from continuing. Alongside this, invasive vines, brush and saplings are important to remove.
  • Remove Trees: While there are typically not many trees in the way of your stone wall structure, you will want to remove any that do exist, and remove any saplings that seem to get in the way. When you do remove these, you will need to cut it at the stump, and not remove them by the roots. The reason for this is that the roots can pull up from under the stone wall and make it fall over. Roots of trees can grow out very far from the actual area the tree covers on the ground.

Stone walls can be a great way to boost your landscape design. In terms of finding a masonry contractor, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today by filling out our contact form, or calling us directly at 603-234-3229.

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