How To Protect Your Walkway This Winter

icy steps

Walkways can become some of the most dangerous areas during the winter months. Snow and rain are the main contributors to this danger. After snowfall and rainfall, these elements typically freeze where they land, causing ice to cover walkway areas, driveways, and stairs. It is very easy to fall, and sometimes with black ice, you don’t even see this coming, which is the biggest danger of all. Let’s take a look at some of the preventative measures you can take to protect not only your walkways but yourself as well.

Keep It Clean

While ice is dangerous, there are some other elements that can contribute to the slipperiness of your walkway, including natural growth, which will need to be removed as soon as possible. Things such as moss and even leaves form the fall season can soak up the water from the snow and rain and cause a lot of issues further down the road.

Ice Removal

Ice removal is a necessity in the wintertime, especially in New England. There are a few different ways to achieve this. The first is to chip away using an ice chipper, where you will want to start on the outside and work your way in. This is because the ice is thinner at its edges. If this fails, however, boiled water can be poured onto the ice to melt it. One thing to note is that this water will have to be cleaned up immediately with a rag (you will want to wear thick gloves) because it can refreeze and cause more ice to form.


Salt is another way to melt this ice on your walkway. It is extremely useful, especially right after a snowfall, and can lower the freezing point of the ice to that it melts anywhere above 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


If it is too cold for salt to work on your walkway, a good alternative could be sand. Sand provides an abrasive surface which gives tractions and allows for fewer falls. Some alternatives to sand that work in the same way are kitty litter, sawdust, and wood ashes.

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