Custom Outdoor Concepts

Reading, MA

Fieldstone Supplies provides a variety of services in Reading, Massachusetts. Located about 16 miles north of the city of Boston, Reading is very similar to a suburban town. While there are many people commuting into the city each day, many people, especially with families are living in this town. Due to this reason, many people living in these homes are looking for a stonemasonry contractor to spruce up their area.  There are about 25,000 people living in this town, located in Middlesex County, which makes it the perfect place for us to create an awareness of our brand; experienced craftsmanship, as well as capabilities unlike any other. With our qualified team, as well as our 3D & Installation skills, we make the perfect team for anyone looking for these services.

Stonemasonry in Reading, MA

For our stonemasonry projects, we always make sure to use the highest quality of materials. We want to ensure that every element of a project fits our client’s needs, as well as can increase the home value of a yard, whether it be the back or front of a home. Another thing we hope to do for you is to increase the amount of time spent outdoors, together, with family and friends.

Many of our project, such as stone walls, can last many years, and in some cases, many decades, with the proper care. In regards to these kinds of projects, the possibilities are endless and you can use our experience to your advantage. We have, in the past, built many projects, such as installing retaining walls, waterfalls, pond areas, and outdoor fireplaces. If you are living in Reading, MA, feel free to reach out to us for an estimate. You can also check out some of our past work to learn more.

Our Team

Alongside our team, we, at Fieldstone Supplies, can offer you a wealth of knowledge in regards to stonemasonry landscaping and hardscaping. While we offer these services to Reading, we also offer this to many other surrounding areas as well. The driving force of our company is to deliver final results that clients will be extremely proud of, and WANT to show off to everyone around them.

If you live in Reading, MA, or the surrounding area, and want to schedule a free consultation or get a job quote, reach us directly by filling out our online contact form or calling (603) 234-3229.