Begin enjoying your new yard before we install a single stone.

For more than thirty years, we’ve been transforming commercial and residential properties into works of art. The time-honored art of stonemasonry requires dedication, craftsmanship, and an eye for detail. Now, our designers at Fieldstone Supplies use the most innovative processes to combine the latest technological advances with the timeless art of traditional stonemasonry.

Why do we design with the latest 3D technology?

It’s how we create for you the yard you’ve always wanted.

Because we know you have a vision of just what you want . . . the meandering cobblestone path through your garden, the relaxing patio for summer dinners, the unique boulders surrounding your waterfall. And when you have a vision for the perfect outdoor retreat, you want to be certain that you’re working with a designer and contractor who understands exactly what you want.

So that we design and build for you a space you’ll love, we design with the most technologically advanced software.

You’ll be able to see yourself in your new yard, before any construction begins. Take a bird’s eye view or zoom in to examine the smallest details. When you experience your design in fully interactive 3D, you’ll feel confident that the space we’ve designed for you is just what you’ve always wanted.