Today’s outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes.  

Outdoor lighting enhances the natural beauty of your hardscape and home. It highlights and illuminates pathways, stonewalls, plants and so much more! Outdoor lighting creates a beautiful ambiance and  creates the setting and the mood that I think we are all looking for these days. A place to let go and relax  with no worries. 

Elevate your landscape and plants with path lights, if there are steps involved we can highlight them as  well; it adds beauty and safety. If there is a specific tree that deserves to be highlighted at night, we can add a spot light or “bullet” to  give it the attention it deserves. Large trees in the backyard can even be lighted. When a well thought out lighting plan is installed, you  can literally transform your yard from “average” to feeling as though you are at a “resort” 

Lights we offer: 

      • Path lights 
      • Step lights 
      • Up-lighting for plants 
      • Up-lighting for front of home 
      • If you dream it, we can install it!