What is Brick Masonry?


Brick masonry is masonry work that utilizes bricks. Bricks are the best and most versatile materials that can be used in construction, as they are sturdy and relatively good in terms of insulation. Similarly, by utilizing serpentine brick masonry, you can ensure your walls are very well-built and that they will never collapse in on themselves.

Serpentine brick masonry is when a mason snakes the walls, as opposed to making them in a straight line. By snaking the walls, it allows for better support and structure, meaning that there is a lesser chance of anything happening.

Brick masonry, as a more general term, is the building of a structure in which there are individual materials used in coordination and bound. The binding that is typically used is a material such as mortar, or they can lay naturally in a specific pattern. But what else is there to brick masonry?

There Are Different Kinds Of Brick

Many people think of the bright red, almost glossy brick when they think of a brick wall, and typically imagine it in the form of a veneer, but as mentioned above, bricks are the most versatile material and can be used for different purposes, as well as different looks.

Here are some of the different kinds of bricks used in brick masonry today:

  • Engineering Bricks
  • Concrete Bricks
  • Sand Lime Bricks
  • Common Burnt Clay Bricks

There Are Different Kinds Of Bonds

In regard to bonds, bonds are the way that we bind the bricks in order to keep them together and so that they are of proper support and aesthetic. Let’s take a look at these kinds of bonds and how they look.

Common Bond: A common bond is where every sixth course (another way to say row) is made of header bricks.

English Bond: An English bond is where the courses alternate between all stretchers and all header bricks.

Flemish Bond: A Flemish bond is where every course contains header and stretchers alternating.

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